July 2, 2019

Michael Dausch: Use the Range to Drive Participation

Michael Dausch, the 2016 Georgia Section Merchandiser of the Year for Private Facilities, is the PGA Director of Golf at Dunwoody (Georgia) Country Club.

Michael Dausch, PGA Director of Golf at Dunwoody (Georgia) Country Club encourages participation at his club by holding events on the range during down times. Two such events are Dunwoody’s concert series and the annual campout- Campground Dunwoody. “It’s a little intimate concert with a few hundred people, there’s even a ‘meet and greet’ with the band for people who arrive early enough,” Dausch said. People spread out on blankets and listen to musicians from bands such as Tonic and Sister Hazel. For Dunwoody’s campout, families set up tents on the range and enjoy campfires, scavenger hunts and an outdoor barbeque. They even hold a fishing derby, which is usually not allowed on property. The staff hosts their Fourth of July, Easter Egg Hunt, Fall/Halloween Carnival, Glow Putting and Screen on the Green (movie night) on the range as well. At the height of the recession, Dausch says Dunwoody had about 50 membership spots. Now, they have roughly 64 people on the waiting list alone. “We’re competing for our members’ time… Our goal is to have members use the club, be active, and be on property as often as possible, and events like this are helping us move in a great direction.”