November 2, 2020

Michael Brisbane: Set Off-Season Goals With Your Athletes

Michael Brisbane, a two-time Alabama-NW Florida PGA Section Youth Player Development Award winner, a two-time Alabama-NW Florida PGA Section Gulf Coast Chapter Teacher of the Year, the 2015 Chapter Youth Player Development Award winner and 2012 Section Teacher of the Year, is the PGA Director of Instruction at Azalea City Golf Course in Mobile, Alabama.

Michael Brisbane on the importance of setting off-season goals with your athletes:

As experienced coaches, we understand the importance of goal-setting and monitoring progress in the overall improvement process. Coaching with no clear intention other than “to improve” usually renders itself pointless and badly limits progress. One vital aspect of my long-term strategy takes place in September and October each year, and it has to do with analyzing one’s performance to set goals for the future. Those golfers of mine with long-term goals and aspirations of high school, college, or high-level amateur competition look forward to the time of year when we set our winter goals, those aspects of their game that are best addressed during the months when we can be laser-focused on some important and specific things that might be holding them back from reaching their highest potential. It might be a certain type of shot, an aspect of their swing causing issues on the course, or even something in their mental game or course management. They consider two or three goals that he or she would like to pursue, and together we prioritize the tasks and set a plan to proceed. After devoting an ample period of time to these endeavors, golfers are always motivated to go out on the course and pursue greater competition. I’ve been following this structure with much success for many years – it has become a natural part of my coaching regimen. Golfers look forward to the time of the year when we take a deep look at what is good in their game and what needs attention – in the case of my school-aged golfers, their parents get on board as well.


Michael Brisbane on the business impact of setting off-season goals with your athletes:

Formatting our long-term coaching in such a way brings great structure to my coaching plan. It adds an element of reliability that golfers appreciate and respond to. It is a proven method of helping them improve, which is the top priority of course. It requires extended relationships, which adds to the retention that is so vital to any coaching business. It also drives revenue during the off-season. As my golfers improve, so does my reputation as a coach. Seeing goals, gauging progress, and analyzing results is an effective method to any coaching program – adding structure and a timeline contribute to that success as well.

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