March 19, 2014

Mauget Receives Expanded Label Approval for Abacide™ 2 Insecticide

To help combat boring insects and other destructive beetle species, Mauget, manufacturers and distributors of injectable insecticide products for forest, woodland and ornamental trees and shrubs, announces it has received approval for an expanded label covering an increased dosage and new insect species for Abacide™ 2.

Abacide 2 is an injectable insecticide formulated with 2% abamectin, an effective insecticide commonly used to control boring and phloem-feeding insects. Formulated for use with ornamental, residential, forest, nursery, orchard and Christmas trees, Abacide 2 is a proven system for controlling invasive insect species through a single, long-lasting late summer or fall application.

The newly expanded label for Abacide 2 includes a higher dose rate and a new group of insect species which can be controlled, including ips, coniferous bark beetles, western, mountain and southern pine beetles, and other boring and phloem-feeding insects which commonly target ornamental and forest trees.

“The increased dosage and expanded label for Abacide 2 makes a great product better than ever,” says Nate Dodds, general manager and owner of Mauget. “Horticulturalists, nursery operators, park managers, and home and business owners can use Abacide 2 to prevent damage or invasion from a new group of insects and protect their plants longer than ever before.”

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