July 11, 2016

Matrix Pro Pack Now Available for All Teaching Professionals

To all teaching pros, Matrix announces the Pro Pack.

The Matrix Pro Pack will allow you to better serve your students, teach them with the right equipment and make money while you’re doing it. We know that in any Golf lesson, if the equipment isn’t correct it is difficult to make the swing fit the equipment versus the equipment fit the swing.

Become a Pro Pak partner today. Please contact us at support@matrixshafts.com
for more information.

You can visit here to instantly download the brochure with shaft recommendations and fitting guide.

About the company
Founded in 1993, Matrix Shafts manufactures leading class golf shafts for tour players and weekend players alike. The disciplined approach of cutting edge design theory, precision craftsmanship and innovative aesthetics has positioned Matrix to become one of the worlds most influential shaft companies.

What sets Matrix apart in the shaft industry is near obsessive attention to performance advancements, quality control, and a desire to use emerging technologies to engineer performance driven shafts trusted by golfers worldwide.

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