December 28, 2018

Mary Hafeman: Create and Follow a PGA Merchandise Show Plan

Mary Hafeman, a four-time Golf Range Association Top 50 Growing the Game Teacher Award recipient and four-time PGA North Florida Chapter Player Development Award winner, is the PGA Director of Instruction at the Mary Hafeman Golf Experience.

Mary Hafeman on the importance of creating and following a PGA Merchandise Show plan:
Before the show, we identify what are needs are based on our end of season review of the business. Do we have cutting edge equipment? Are we maximizing our marketing and PR – is our website up to date? What programs are we doing well and where can we improve? Where are our students in the learning process? Once we come up with our ideas /plans, we look at the PGA Show’s programs, vendors and participants to see who/what we should see and make appointments with. We write out this plan, so we can stick to it. I like to review the Show floor set up, so we plan appointments close to each other and we leave some time to look for new vendors that are new or might not be able to advertise like the larger companies. I remember when I made a mistake by not looking at show floor set up – it was the year when they moved the traditional vendor locations. Wow was I lost, and it cost a bunch of time and confusion to find everyone. I never did that again – live and learn – be prepared.

Mary Hafeman on the business impact of creating and following a PGA Merchandise Show plan:
After the show, I review all my information that I have picked up and itemize their importance to me. Then I either make plans to purchase them or, with programs, I figure out how to implement them into my business. The positive impact for attending the PGA Show depends on your goals – what are you there for?  For me, my objectives change each year based on my job and the needs of my company. This year, I am looking at simulators, marketing, networking with like-minded professionals on growing a year-round teaching facility in the north and a travel business. Knowing your objectives will be helpful in your advanced planning. That way when you get to the Merchandise Show, you’re going to be using your time wisely which will allow you to have extra time to visit with people or look at other vendors when you find something new. Time is money at the Show and this is time well spent! Enjoy the show – it has something for everyone, if you prepare and know what you are looking for.