December 30, 2019

Mark Greenslit: Update Your Buying Plan for a New Facility

Mark Greenslit, the 2000, 2006, 2014, and 2018 Southern California PGA Section Merchandiser of the Year for Resort Facilities, is the PGA General Manager at Mayfield-Graves Country Club in Mayfield, Kentucky.

Mark Greenslit on the importance of updating your buying plan for a new facility:

I did a Best Practice in 2012 talking about the importance of using a Detailed Buying Plan to assist in covering your different categories at the PGA Merchandise Show, allocating inventory levels based on previous sales percentages, and setting your turn rate goals for the coming year. Seven years later, I’ve realized it’s as important to be flexible with your buying plan. At the time, I was the Director of Golf at the Ojai Valley Inn, a busy resort property in Southern California. I have recently made an employment change and I am now the general manager of a private golf club in Western Kentucky and I own the retail concession in the golf shop. The two facilities could not be more different from a retail perspective, as one is a resort with a high end clientele, a corporate deep-pocket buying position, and a 1200-square foot retail space to fill up. I am now working with country club clients with modest purchasing power, my personal buying position, and about a 500-square foot retail space to fill up.

Mark Greenslit on the business impact of updating your buying plan for a new facility:

Consequently, I have reworked my plan to meet all of these different variables that I will have to take into account for my first buying season. Not only have the quantities changed, but I will be looking for vendors and price points at the PGA Show that I have never had to consider with my previous plan. I’ve always been fairly conservative with my golf equipment inventory levels, carrying a selection of wedges, putters, and a few drivers. I like to get affiliated with a fitting system and then offer sales for those who trade-in their current clubs for newer, fresher clubs at a similar price point. That has offered me a glimpse into this membership’s likes and dislikes and has helped me design my updated buying plan accordingly. The benefit of already having a buying plan, however, is that the framework was already there. Now I just have to adjust the numbers to get it to a place where I feel confident and relaxed going into the Show. I am excited to put my previous retail ideas and principles to the ultimate test as an owner of my own golf shop retail endeavor.