October 19, 2020

Maria Palozola: Scale Your Teaching Business to Multiple Locations as Student Demand Warrants

Maria Palozola, a GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional, is the Owner/Operator of St. Louis (Missouri) Golf Lessons

Maria Palozola on the importance of scaling your business to multiple locations as student demand warrants:

After years of coaching students in Chicago, I moved back to my hometown of St. Louis in 2007. Seemingly starting over meant promoting myself as an effective golf coach and mentor, while adhering to the teaching principles that had always made me successful. Using my skills of effective communication, getting along with all types of personalities, seeking common ground whether in golf or out, and keeping my book open seven days a week, I started to see my business grow. I also started to create a digital footprint by writing over 200 articles and filming over 600 video tips for my game improvement website, as well as making guest appearances on other sites. In addition, I had created an array of player development programs and lesson packages from which students could choose. Whether choosing group or individual instruction, brief lesson packages or extended learning, my students were improving, and they were talking to their friends. As my lesson calendar started to book full like in the past, I saw the need to expand and create a business with multiple instructors at multiple sites across the city of St. Louis to accommodate my students. What resulted is a team of six coaches teaching at six sites. By spreading the St. Louis Golf Lessons name and logo throughout our area, we are gaining maximum exposure to attain new students, while ensuring plenty of opportunities for our current clientele to secure the instruction they desire. Our locations include golf courses for playing lessons, as well as stand-alone driving ranges with covered and heated stalls to teach during inclement weather and throughout the winter. We use technology to enhance the student’s experience and help them gain a clear understanding of their golf swing. Basically, we offer anything a student would want or need to improve.

Maria Palozola on the business impact of scaling your business to multiple locations as student demand warrants:

The move south from Chicago to St. Louis meant that the successful teaching business I had built would have to be reconstructed in a new location. But once I saw that demand was going through the roof, the decision to expand to multiple locations and to hire a staff of qualified coaches was easy. Lessons conducted at all of our locations and by our team of instructors are centrally booked on our website. Students like the consistency that we bring and know what to expect when they are working with St. Louis Golf Lessons. We have a large menu of junior programs and options for adults seeking group instruction in addition to private lessons. I couldn’t host all these programs alone. I value our team and am grateful for our collective achievements. Six locations may be more than you have in mind for your business – but if you’re having a hard time meeting the needs of your growing student base, consider adding a location or two, as well as building a team of professional, like-minded golf coaches who will have the best interest of your students at heart. Every business wants to grow, and every golf professional wants to increase play – as you see your business increasingly answering this call, consider the best way to scale your business.

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