January 5, 2018

Lynne Hunter: Try Out New Products

Lynne Hunter, PGA/LPGA, the 2017 LPGA Northeast Section Professional of the year, is the Head Professional at Kenwood Golf and Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland.

Lynne Hunter on the importance of trying out new products:
Our driving range has an artificial turf surface that has a life cycle of 5-6 years. Each time we are looking for a new hitting surface, we prefer to evaluate the many options at the PGA Merchandising Show for our members and look to see how technology has improved over the years.  Rarely does a turf company or mat company have usable samples when they come to give us an estimate, and it is quite challenging to make a decision without hitting on the surface. This is where the show comes in handy for us. We get to feel, see and use different types of turf from various companies all in one location, a financially and practical way for us to find what we need.

Lynne Hunter on the business impact of trying out new products:
The PGA show is a great place to see and hit balls off of many options all in one place.  This saves us time and money from traveling to other facilities nearby to try out the mats or turf that they are using and the companies that we are interested in. Often times there will be show specials as well, if we register our visit at the booth.  I will be in the market fort a new turf surface again this year, so I will see you all at the Golf Facility and Maintenance Supply Section!