April 13, 2017

Lynn Myers: Offer Coordinating Programs with Fitness Staff at Your Club

Lynn Myers, PGA, is the Director of Golf at Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club, in Palm City, Florida, and at Bogeys Sports Park, in Richmond, Virginia.

Lynn Myers, PGA, on the importance of offering coordinating programs with the fitness staff at your club:
Working with a member of our fitness staff, I invite members to come out for a short session combining our fields. We call it “Fit for Golf.” The golfer hits balls for a few minutes, and we identify the part of the swing needing attention – for example, trying to complete the backswing turn with too stiff a posture. We then meet with the fitness instructor, who is present for the session and who chooses appropriate exercises to stretch or strengthen the problem area. The mats are placed right there on the range. We have had about equal numbers of men and women participating in this program.

Lynn Myers in the business impact of offering coordinating programs with the fitness staff at your club:
The benefits of this coordinating program are that it brings new students to the fitness program at our club, it leads to improvements in golfers’ swings and it’s a way for us to let members know that we care about their all-around golf and fitness abilities. We find that the program began generating greater interdepartmental communication. As a result, members started taking more fitness sessions, then returned to take more golf lessons. And they actually were able to perform the skills we were trying to get them to do.

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