November 9, 2018

LiveView Golf App Announces New Template Feature

A golfer can spend all their money on high-end drivers and quality golf balls, trying to buy a better game. But if you’re a PGA Teaching Professional, you know the real key to improvement lies in the vision of an insightful golf coach.

Now your students can access that priceless insight even when you’re not there, thanks to LiveView+Plus.

LiveView+Plus is a popular new training aid that allows golfers to watch their own swing in real time. The device includes a lightweight, compact portable camera that connects wirelessly to a tablet or smart phone. The LiveView camera clips easily onto an alignment rod and can be placed at any position and angle. The device also incorporates Digital Swing Mirror Technology, so the live video that appears on the user’s screen is a mirror image for easier adjustments.

These features alone make LiveView+Plus a great addition to your training sessions. The LiveView camera shows your students what you see, so they can create an association between how their body feels and the actual swing motion they produce.

Even more remarkable, however, is the Template feature of the LiveView app.

This feature allows you to draw coaching objects on your student’s screen. Whether they’re struggling with head movement or trying to correct a steep swing plane, you can create circles and lines to help keep them on track. Then, these line sets can be saved in the app as templates for students to access when they practice on their own.

And with LiveView’s Automatic Recording and Instant Slow Motion Replay options, golfers can immediately review their swing in full detail. In fact, the new LiveView+Plus features an increased video speed of 60 frames-per-second, allowing users to witness even the smallest components of their swing.

Finally, your students can watch themselves as closely as you do. They can catch and correct bad habits immediately. And thanks to Templates, they can follow your guidance exactly, even when you’re not there.

LiveView+Plus features cutting edge technology at an affordable price. The device is completely wireless, easily portable, and holds a charge for two hours. It is essentially the golf studio that fits in your pocket…game-changing technology that is as accessible to your students as it is to you.

With LiveView+Plus, your students gain insight, build confidence, and start playing to the potential you’ve seen in them since day one.

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