May 19, 2016

Lee Puddefoot: Add a Clubfitting System on the Range With Seating and Tables

lee-puddefootLee Puddefoot is a PGA Professional at Fiddlesticks Country Club in Fort Myers, Florida.

Lee Puddefoot on the importance of adding a clubfitting system on the range with seating and tables:
Looking back at golf’s past, there’s always been a wonderful relationship between a club’s members and their PGA Professional. With this in mind I decided to put a clubfitting system on the range at my prior facility, Olde Hickory Golf and Country Club, to help increase club sales and serve the membership better. We also had a second goal of keeping members at our facility and giving them the opportunity to try new technology that would help them improve and enhance their enjoyment of the game. We had a TaylorMade fitting system set up on the practice facility with a table and chairs that is available to the membership every day, along with a staff member to help do the fitting and answer any questions. Members fill out a form and take it to a staff member to arrange a date and time for the fitting. The importance for the customer was to feel that we spent quality time with them as an individual ,and that they are getting the correct product for their game. The main thing we strived for as a golf staff was spending time with the customer. That, in turn, led to better customer service and the ability to sell quality products.

Lee Puddefoot on the business impact of adding a clubfitting system on the range with seating and tables:
The fittings cost $85 for 45 minutes, which included an analysis of their clubs and swing with the TaylorMade system, which includes a launch monitor with iPad connection. We noticed a 20-percent increase in club sales, with excitement for the program still growing. Lessons were where we saw the biggest increase amongst all staff members. Personally I saw a 40-percent increase in my lesson schedule, which was a substantial jump from just before the program started. Traffic increased as the season wore on, and we were especially encouraged by the numerous questions we got on the practice facility designated for the fitting. This program also helped bring in some new members to the facility which was exciting as members were excited to utilize the services we offer. The biggest overall lesson we garnered was that by creating this designated area for clubfitting and instruction we quickly became more aware of members’ need. And being able to directly address a customer’s needs leads to a better player, a more satisfied customer, and a win for everyone involved. Such a big win that I’m now actively looking to begin the program here at Fiddlesticks.

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