October 28, 2013

Laser Link Golf‘s Reflector Business Purchased By Prestige Flag

Laser Link Golf, a leader in distance measurement technology and solutions for the golf market, announced today that they have finalized the sale of the company’s reflector business to Prestige Flag of San Diego, Calif. Prestige Flag will take over all manufacturing and distribution operations, as well as all intellectual property surrounding Laser Link Golf’s SmartStick, Smarty, and other related reflector products. Laser Link Golf will continue to market the reflector products the company created from its headquarters in Madison, WI, and will continue to be a resource for superintendents, golf professionals, and golf course managers. All rangefinder-related sales will remain the property of Laser Link Golf, as will all rangefinder-related intellectual property.
“Prestige is a leading player in the golf course supply industry, and we think they are ideally suited to make SmartSticks and Smarty’s standard equipment on every golf course in the world,” said Rob O’Loughlin, president of Laser Link Golf. “By applying the company’s manufacturing expertise to our already established and patent-protected products, Prestige will not only be able to produce the best flagstick in the business, they will be able to sell it at a price point that all golf courses can afford.”Prestige Flag entered the golf business in 1995 with the goal of bringing their affordable, best quality flags to superintendents around the world. Over time, Prestige Flag branched out into other golf course supply products, including fiberglass flagsticks and cups. All Prestige products are manufactured in the company’s 20,000 square foot facility, and shipped directly to the customer.

“We’re excited to add this line of products to our business,” said Mike Roberts, president of Prestige Flag. “As the use of laser rangefinders has continued to grow, reflector products have fast become an integral part of the flagstick. Our company prides itself on manufacturing and selling the best products for superintendents, and there are no better reflector products than SmartStick and Smarty.”

For more information on Laser Link Golf, visit www.laserlinkgolf.com. For more information on Prestige Flag, visitwww.prestigeflag.com.

About Laser Link Golf
Laser Link Golf is the producer of the Laser Link Distance System, the revolutionary distance measurement system designed specifically for golf. Laser Link Golf products include the popular QuickShot™, White Magic, and Switch rangefinders, as well the SmartStick™ reflector system, and the Smarty™ flagstick reflector. The System is designed to speed up play and add enjoyment to the game. It is in use at more than 3,500 private clubs around the country, and several more daily fee courses. Additional products include the CartLink System – the affordable cart-mounted GPS alternative that golf courses can install without breaking the budget. CartLink puts the best distance measurement technology within arms reach for golfers. Laser Link Golf is based in Madison, WI, and is owned and operated by many of the same individuals that started SoftSpikes®. They are involved in Laser Link Golf for the same reason they got involved in SoftSpikes® – both are good for the game!


About Prestige Flag
Prestige Flag is the leading flag supplier to golf courses nationwide. Started in 1991, Prestige entered the golf business in 1995 and has dominated the flag sector with an astounding 40% market share. In 2010, Prestige began pultruding its own fiberglass sticks. All Prestige flagsticks are manufactured using colored resin, which means no matter whether you order white or yellow, the color runs completely through the flagstick. Above and beyond that, ¾” flagsticks are hand polished, eliminating the need for paint.

The company’s value-based model of manufacturing and selling flags, sticks and cups direct to golf courses allows Prestige to set the highest quality standards in the market. Flags, flagsticks, and cups are produced in the company’s 20,000 square foot facility, and all marketing and shipping operations are handled directly from the company, which enables superior quality control and efficient inventory management.

Providing the best quality products at the best prices directly to the customer is the passion at Prestige Flag. No middlemen in our model — just Prestige and the customer.


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