May 15, 2013

KZG Introduces The New GF X Driver

-Press Release, North Hollywood, Calif.

KZG, the #1 Custom ProLine™, has introduced its new GF X Driver, incorporating Gravitational Force (GF) Technology, which features two strategically-positioned weight portals and a selection of screws in seven different weights. The elegant and sleek, all black GF X’s swingweight, launch angle and draw/fade bias can be adjusted 128 ways to optimize any golfer’s launch conditions.

“KZG is not a marketing company, but rather a bona fide golf equipment manufacturer.” reports Jennifer King, president of KZG. “While most major brands bring out one or two driver models per season, usually designed for the masses, KZG offers nine different models to allow a professional fitter the ability to select the design features needed for any given golfer regardless of their skill, size, strength or even budget. The GF-X is an ideal model for those players who require unique adjustments with maximum forgiveness.”

The 460cc GF X offers optimum power and accuracy. The weight portals are strategically positioned where changes in weight and center of gravity are most effective. The screw weights are available in 1.5, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 gram options. The weights can also be used to compensate for a fade or draw bias. Even spin rates and trajectory are altered by changes in the weights.

The adjustments for all KZG clubs are done solely through KZG’s network of highly qualified professional fitters. It has been proven time and again that when golfers make their own adjustments the results have been disastrous. Golfers tend to adjust their clubs every time they have a mis-hit. After several mis-hits and adjustments, it is impossible determine the correct positioning for optimal performance and launch. And worse, their swing is never in a groove, but rather changing daily with every mis-hit and adjustment. KZG’s GF X removes the guesswork, as a professional clubfitter will ascertain the proper weight combination and adjustments for any particular golfer, leading to confidence and consistency … and helping the golfer hone his swing into a fine-tuned groove.

With the introduction of its new GF-X driver, KZG offers nine different drivers, comprising a wide spectrum of models to suit any golfer, regardless of skill, strength, size or budget.

The GF-X has a traditional profile with an all gloss black head with matte black screw portals, a very sexy looking driver.

All KZG drivers are custom fit and built with numerous shaft options. Retail pricing varies depending on the options selected, with MSRP starting at $399.

About KZG
Founded in 1994, KZG offers its equipment only through the finest fitters and teachers in the industry. KZG makes great equipment, but it is their professional fitters and teachers who make it unbeatable. By partnering with the true professionals who have the skill, integrity and passion to really help improve a golfer’s game, KZG has catapulted to a position of prominence in customized golf equipment.

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Donovan Whitworth
Director of Marketing and P.R.
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