November 20, 2013

KZG Accepting Applications For “World’s Top 100 ClubFitters” For 2014

KZG, the #1 Custom ProLine™, is accepting applications for “World’s Top 100 ClubFitters” for 2014. Each year KZG honors 100 professionals possessing superior skill, integrity and passion for clubfitting. This will be the ninth year in a row KZG has honored the elite of the industry’s clubfitters.
“More than ever, golfers are searching for qualified fitters; unfortunately that is like looking for a needle in a haystack” reports Jennifer King, President of KZG. “Industry studies report only 8% of all golfers are playing the correct clubs for their swing … that means the rest of the golfing population are not playing their best game, frustrated because they can’t improve, and some may even give up the game entirely. Everyone talks about the game not growing; but few talk about the responsibility of giving the golfers the right tools for the game. At KZG, we only work with the finest teachers and fitters in the industry and we honor each year the “Top 100” who are making a real difference in growing the game by helping golfers improve their games.”Last year’s honorees hailed from 20 countries around the world, including 38 from the UK/Europe, 38 from the United States, 13 from Canada, 5 from Asia, 4 from Australia, and 2 from South Africa. Winners range from small shops serving rural areas to large performance centers with multiple fitters and instructors.

An independent panel of industry experts will determine the criteria necessary to be considered a top clubfitting professional. From the criteria submitted, a point system is put into place to grade each application. The panel has included Clay Long, renowned club designer and personal fitter for Jack Nicklaus; Gene Parente, president of Golf Laboratories, Inc.; Jennifer King, KZG’s President; and Dr. Christian Reichardt, author and doctor of sports medicine and fitness.

To request a Top 100 Application, professional fitters can contact Donovan Whitworth at, or (818) 762-3495, Extension 123.

About KZG
Founded in 1994, KZG offers equipment available in the finest retail facilities with qualified KZG professional clubfitters on staff. KZG’s program of partnering with only the top professional clubfitters to fit its award-winning equipment has catapulted KZG to a position of prominence in customized golf equipment. KZG’s comprehensive selection of premium golf equipment includes the finest drivers, woods, irons, wedges and putters, in addition to a wide variety of accessories and apparel. KZG also offers a 3-Day Master Certification Program for clubfitters and many of its dealers work with the PGA in continuing education programs on fitting.

For more information, visit or call toll-free 1-800-200-8800.

Donovan Whitworth
Director of Marketing and P.R.
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