May 24, 2018

Kristy Gleason: Give Back to Your Community

Kristy Gleason, is the PGA Head Professional at Kingswood Golf Club in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

Kristy Gleason on the importance of giving back to your community:
Last year I created a series of charity golf clinics with an emphasis on short game. I felt that golfers can and will benefit from learning for the first time or through polishing a skill set they are already good at. We covered the areas of Distance Control- Putting, Chipping, Pitch, and Sand. The clinics were an hour long and held on Sunday’s. We posted the Free Charity Golf Clinics information on our website, social media outlets, and local advertising. There was a request of $20 per person as a donation to a local Charity in much need and assistance. We averaged 8-10 players per clinic, raising a total of $685 in the first few clinics alone. In 2017 the Charity of choice was “End 68 hours of hunger” in which through teaching these short game clinics I donated all proceeds to the charity. Many kids go home on Friday with no food until Monday.  This charity fills 122 backpacks every Friday afternoon so the children in need go home with food for the weekend. This particular charity means a lot to me, as I still can’t imagine there are so many children in need of food in my community. Being a PGA Professional is a honor and with a skill set such as teaching , it allows me to give my time and expertise each season and contribute to a local charity.

Kristy Gleason on the business impact of giving back to your community:
The feedback from the players was great. Many of the participants booked private instruction and or signed up for the other charity clinics and/ or golf development programs that we offer at Kingswood. The revenue from these bookings was comparable to the money raised for the Charity.  The participants of the charity clinics were both men and women, members and non members.  I always teach where there is maximum visibility so everyone who arrives at Kingswood can see what is going on. I also utilize many colorful training aides which creates curiosity and interest in itself. Non members received exposure to Kingswood Golf Club through the charity clinics. We were able to showcase some of what Kingswood Golf Club is all about. Overall it was a great success. A win-win for everyone.