October 20, 2016

Kristi Scott: Attract and Retain Women New to Golf

kristi-scottKristi Scott is an LPGA Teaching Professional at Paramount Country Club in New City, New York.

Kristi Scott on the importance of attracting and retaining women new to golf:
Started in 2015, I created a three-step program for integrating new women players for Paramount CC, consisting of three progression-based classes described below, a bridge program to be described in a future Best Practice, and a 9-hole women’s league. All three of these initial classes run for four weeks each, meeting once a week for two hours each time. The first class is called “Ready, Set Golf!” focusing on putting, the short game, the full swing, basic rules and etiquette, and most importantly, on-course instruction. The key is that the skills are taught starting with putting and through to a full swing, with the on-course instruction reflecting skills learned during each class (from green to tee). “Improve and Play 2” is the next class and focuses on skill refinement, strategy and pace of play while playing two or more holes. The last class is “Learn More, Play 4”, which reinforces previous skills along with being a ready golfer, pre-shot routine, proper warm-up, and the mental game with a goal of playing four holes within an hour. The success of all three classes have also been from integrating a social component; we include lunch after each class which helps reinforce a support system amongst students and secures future playing partners.

Kristi Scott on the business impact of attracting and retaining women new to golf:
There is a maximum of four students per class, with 16 participants last year and 28 this year. All classes cost $420 per student for four weeks including lunch. We’ve seen approximately $10,000 in equipment revenue along with a 25 percent increase in women’s apparel, including eight sets of clubs/bags so far. Five women have also purchased individual clubs. Ten percent of the women have gotten custom fit and we’ve also seen ancillary purchases such as golf shoes, gloves, and balls. Our 18-hole rounds have increased 20 percent and our 9-hole rounds are up 55 percent. I’ve gained 14 additional students, including some who choose to take lessons together. The women are also more comfortable using the facilities overall, as seen in an extra $3,000 per month increase in restaurant revenue and a gaining of 3-5 members and retention of others. Best yet: the women are having fun, enjoying the game, and graduating to the nine-hole league in an average of two months!

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