March 9, 2018

Kraig Feighery: Run a Free Junior Golf Day Once Per Quarter

Kraig Feighery, PGA, PGA of America Growth of the Game Initiative Presidential Award 2013; Merchandiser of the Year Public Facility, golf shop 2015; GRAA Top 50 Stand Alone Facilities 2016, is General Manager of Alico Family Golf, in Fort Myers, Florida.

Kraig Feighery on the importance of running a free junior golf day once per quarter:
Accessibility for juniors is critical. We started a quarterly Free Junior Golf Day to augment our existing affordable junior golf offerings. We started our Free Junior Golf Day this year; we do them from 1:00–4:00 on Saturday afternoons. We did one in April, one in October and we are planning one for January – always on a weekend. Twenty juniors attended our first Free Junior Golf Day, and 40 attended our last one, so word is getting out. We offer free food and a short clinic with fun activities, followed by mini golf or golf on our short course. Youngsters ages 5-16 participated. We encourage parents to accompany their children, although it’s not required.

Kraig Feighery on the business impact of running a free junior golf day once per quarter:
Our quarterly Free Junior Golf Day has resulted in 10 more juniors taking instruction and coming out for our junior golf programs. We plan to tweak the events to include more fun and games, such as a clown, a balance house, a dunk tank and throwing a baseball. We will do more family-friendly things to change up how a golf day is perceived. We anticipate even more growth in the future.