June 2, 2017

Ken Klisz: Offer Special Promotions to Boost Practice Range Revenues

Ken Klisz is the PGA Director of Instruction and Driving Range Manager at the Tustin Ranch Golf Club, in Tustin, California. He was the 2006 PGA Southern California Section Clubfitter of the Year.

Ken Klisz on the importance of offering special promotions to boost practice range revenues:
Increasing range usage during midweek afternoons and evenings is vital to a successful golf season. At Tustin Ranch Golf Club, we strive to maximize golfer participation at our practice range and throughout all aspects of our facility. We have found that sometimes combining services can stimulate growth in multiple revenue streams. For instance, five years ago, we implemented Buckets, Burgers, and Beers, a Thursday night promotion to get families on our practice range, as well as eating in our restaurant. From 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. every Thursday, golfers can take advantage of a fantastic combination of range balls and dinner for just $18. Kids are only $14. The combos come with a bucket of 60 range balls and either a burger, chicken sandwich, hotdog, or sliders, as well as chips and a beer or soft drink. Our chef sets up his barbeque a safe distance from the golfers, but by 5:00 p.m., the smell of grilling can be detected wafting across the practice range. Diners eat right there on the range, enjoying dinner, golf practice, and their families simultaneously. This promotion runs from the spring through Thanksgiving and has become a popular means of getting families at the range.

Ken Klisz on the business impact of offering special promotions to boost practice range revenues:
After five years, the Buckets, Burgers, and Beers promotion has grown steadily with increased participation coming from effective email, online, and social media marketing. Word of mouth about this weekly event has helped greatly as well. We have new golfers taking part every week. On average we have upwards of 40 people enjoying dinner while improving their golf swings each Thursday. During various peak weeks of the season we have more than 60 people in a single evening. A portion of these funds goes to our food & beverage service while the rest goes to our driving range revenues. In addition to the immediate financial benefits to these two areas of our facility, attracting golfers to our award-winning practice range has resulted in increased range memberships, as well as lessons for our golf professional staff. Sometimes the simplest ideas are some of the most effective. Combined efforts by various departments at your club can benefit each of them today and well into the future.

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