June 19, 2023

Kelly Komancheck: Demonstrate Sets Visually

Kelly Komancheck, AGM, an AGM Platinum Award winner in 2018, 2022 and 2023 and LPGA Class A Teaching Professional, is the Golf Shop Manager at RiverCrest Golf Club in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

Kelly Komancheck on the importance of demonstrating sets visually:

We sell a lot of hats at RiverCrest Golf Club, and we do it in several different ways. First, we have the standard hat display cabinet unit to keep all the headwear offerings organized to see in one spot what we have to offer. We also like to keep women’s hats and visors in the women’s areas and junior hats and visors in the junior area. This makes it easier to shop, especially for families. In addition, we use the front counter as a way to display what may be “hip” or “new” in the hat category and just arrived in the Golf Shop.

Kelly Komancheck on the business impact of demonstrating sets visually:

One thing at RiverCrest that we do that’s a little different is we also like to display headwear that matches to collections on the floor to increase the chances of a splurge secondary purchase with a matching shirt. In other words, we like to make it easy for our members to see the entire outfit come together in an easy and quick way. All this has led to additionally selling 200 more hats a year and an increase of 12 percent more profit from 2020 to 2022. Don’t be afraid to go one step further with an outfit possibility to enhance your hat sales or…or the sales of any “new” item for that matter!

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