January 13, 2015

Keith Hunter: Use the PGA Show to Help Increase Range Awareness


Keith Hunter is the founder, owner, operator and director of instruction at Armory Golf Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Keith Hunter on the importance of using the PGA Show to help increase range awareness:
As the owner and operator of a stand alone golf range and academy, I attend the PGA Merchandise Show to search for products and/or services that will help increase my facility’s awareness with my customers. I am not only looking for functional items that will attract and retain more customers like Power Tee and CoverShots, but unorthodox products too, such as multi-colored synthetic turf for range target greens.

Keith Hunter on the business impact of using the PGA Show to help increase range awareness:
Through my visits to the PGA Merchandise Show and contacts I’ve stayed in touch with since, I have brought in Power Tee and CoverShots to my range. Through our promotion of Power Tee, we have been able to draw in more customers and overall, the golfers are staying longer and spending more. For example, before we had Power Tee, it was typical for a golfer to come hit one $5 bucket of balls. Now, it’s typical for them to purchase multiple buckets because they’re hitting balls quicker. Additionally, the CoverShots unit allows me to teach more and even teach in adverse weather conditions, such as rain or extreme heat.

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