August 19, 2014

KBS Adds C-Taper Lite Parallel to its Shaft Line

One of the most recent additions to the KBS line, the C-TAPER LITE, is now available in parallel tip. The C-TAPER LITE shaft incorporates proven KBS performance benefits in a lighter weight design.

“The addition of the C-TAPER LITE parallel assists in diversifying our line,” said Kim Braly, director of R&D and Tour operations at KBS. “Despite this being a lighter weight shaft, the C-TAPER LITE actually fits a large amount of strong players.”

The C-TAPER LIGHT was added to the KBS product line in 2013 and has had success both on Tour and in the aftermarket. It is available in three flexes, including 105g, 110g and 115g, and produces a mid-high trajectory and controlled spin. Featuring a constant taper design and proportionate increase in wall thickness, the C-TAPER LITE optimizes energy transfer for maximum distance. Independent testing results revealed 5+ yards in added distance.

To purchase the C-TAPER LITE (parallel or taper tip), please contact a certified KBS fitter: kbsgolfshafts.com/find-fitters.

Kelcy Joynt
kelcyjoynt@fstshafts.com; 303.444.2226 x12