September 30, 2016

Kali Quick: Offer Weekly Evening Wine Clinics to Members and Guests

kali-quickKali Quick is the PGA head professional at Snake River Sporting Club in Jackson, Wyoming.

Kali Quick on the importance of offering weekly evening wine clinics to members and guests:
We offer a weekly Friday night wine clinic in season, called the “Wine’d-Up Clinic,” in which our members are encouraged to invite guests.  In addition to the presence of our PGA Professional staff, we invite several local wine vendors and distributors, at no cost.  This creates a relaxed dynamic between casual learning and local wine sampling for our members and their guests.  Because they are not charged, the vendors are happy to attend and give away small amounts of their favorite products to build recognition for some of the great local wines we have in the Jackson area.  As a thank you, $8 of every participant’s clinic fee is given back to thank the vendors for their time and samples.  In return, some vendors even throw in a free bottle or two for clinic participants, which is always a huge hit! The club will also sell glasses of the select vendors’ products with dinner following the clinics.  This is a win-win for the club and the vendors.

Kali Quick on the business impact of offering weekly evening wine clinics to members and guests:
These clinics cost $25 per individual; although the golf operation does not directly thrive as a result of this event, it does promote the club’s mission to enhance the member’s overall club experience.  Additionally, the event does not generate much revenue for our PGA staff, but is run because rounds, lessons, and overall club and golf operation goodwill rises as a result.  Outside of the golf operation, the clinics have increased activity in the club’s food & beverage operation noticeably.  These clinics started with only about six participants, and now approach 25 individuals per session, with the majority of that number returning to the clubhouse afterward for dinner and drinks. The program was enacted last year and I am confident new memberships will rise due to the fact that a third of each week’s clinic is composed of guests! Overall, since its inception, members are having more fun and experiencing a more well-rounded club experience than ever before. As a result, clubwide participation and member enjoyment is thriving!

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