January 17, 2017

K-Vest to Launch Next at PGA Merchandise Show

K-VEST, the market leader in using inertial sensors for 3D measurement and biofeedback training in golf, golf fitness, and physical therapy for golfers, today announced plans to launch NEXT at the 64th annual PGA Merchandise Show, Jan. 24-27, 2017, in Orlando, Fla., at booth #985.

For the first time in history, NEXT takes biofeedback to a level the golf industry has never experienced. Using stunning visual cues, NEXT helps players and athletes continually discover and feel the entire motion they need to execute the desired shot at hand. NEXT accomplishes this by combining dynamic movements during the swing and intuitively guiding users to where they need to go next in the motion.

NEXT, a brand-new software feature being released for both the K-VEST and K-PLAYER platforms, uses dynamic visuals and audio tones that appear and disappear during the golf swing. Once the initial desired motion is achieved, NEXT displays the upcoming motion, so in essence, the software always perfectly guides players to improvement.

“By combining a series of motions at address and throughout the swing, NEXT turns static positional training into a complete movement to help players learn, and, more importantly, retain the desired skills. NEXT can be used by teachers and coaches of all backgrounds to improve outcomes, including club delivery, ball speed, and injury avoidance”, says Tony Morgan, K-VEST’s Director of International Business.

NEXT allows a coach to provide players with the next generation of perfect practice by allowing them to train an entire dynamic motion in a supervised, lightly supervised – or even an unsupervised – environment. NEXT ensures that players learn and practice exactly what a coach prescribes, wherever and whenever they practice. The new platform will help coaches communicate and players learn how to successfully execute every shot, from driver to putter.

From Wednesday, Jan. 25, to Friday, Jan. 27, K-VEST will exhibit at booth #985 on the show floor at the Orange County Convention Center. Click here if you would like to schedule a 30-minute K-VEST / K-PLAYER demo at the PGA Show. If you’re not heading to the PGA Show, Click here to schedule an online or on-site demo.

About K-VEST
From swing capture to range of motion and biofeedback systems, K-VEST technology is now used in every major U.S. city and country around the world. As the developer of the industry’s most popular and innovative suite of motion capture products and services, K-VEST’s mission is focused on intuitive and easy-to-use solutions that accurately measure motion and improve physical performance. K-VEST’s turnkey solutions, including online and on-site training, marketing support, and brand development programs, allow customers to capitalize on ever-expanding business opportunities. Learn more at www.K-VEST.com.

About the PGA Merchandise Show
The 64th PGA Merchandise Show, held Jan. 24-27, 2017, in Orlando, will welcome some 1,000 top golf companies and brands and more than 40,000 industry professionals from around the world to the industry’s annual global summit in the business of golf. The PGA Show Outdoor Demo Day, the world’s largest professional golf testing event, will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 24, at the Orange County National Golf Center. During PGA Show days, Jan. 25-27, at the Orange County Convention Center, PGA professionals, retailers, and industry leaders will uncover the latest trends, source the newest golf merchandise, test the latest equipment, learn proven business best practices, network among peers, and move forward the business of the game. The PGA Merchandise Show is a trade-only event and is not open to the public.