January 11, 2018

K-Coach And K-Player 2.0 Debuting At 2018 PGA Show, Booth 1265

(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) K-Motion – the pioneer of innovative, wearable human motion training applications for golf, baseball, fitness, physical therapy and beyond – will introduce K-Coach and K-Player 2.0, the world’s most complete training solution for golf, at booth 1265 during the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL.

These newest innovations from K-Motion perfectly combine technology and education to provide coaches and players with an unprecedented ecosystem of game improvement resources. They are designed to accelerate the teaching and learning process and help grow and improve an instructor’s business.

K-Coach, the complete coaching platform for instructors of all levels, empowers golf professionals to better measure, understand, coach and train players. The product, based on what was formerly known as K-Vest, allows the coach to understand a student’s movement, plan the precise drills to improve the movement and ensure the drills are trained perfectly every time. With the introduction of wrist angle measurement, coaches can understand how the clubface behaves throughout the swing, while launch monitor integration identifies how the player’s swing directly affects the distance and accuracy of the player’s ball.

“For this year’s PGA Show, we set out to fully connect the player to the ball and the coach to the player. K-Coach and K-Player 2.0 achieve that goal,” says Michael Chu, CEO of K-Motion. “These products give every coach and player the easy-to-use, reliable tools to elevate lessons and practice session to deliver unprecedented results.”

“Moving from K-Vest to K-Coach is part of our commitment to helping every coach make their players better faster,” says Steve Diamond, Chairman of K-Motion. “K-Coach is not only our world-renowned technology but also our cloud-based platform and extensive education system for coaches to not only transform their players’ games, but also their businesses.”

A groundbreaking feature being introduced in K-Coach is ‘Train to Your Best Swing’. The process is both simple and revolutionary: coaches of all levels auto-capture a group of swings, pick the best one or use the average of the group and then let the automated swing fitting feature convert that swing into a customized training program that guides the student to replicate and improve upon their best swing. All of this is delivered through patented biofeedback training and a cloud-based coaching platform that enables superior monitoring of players and connection to K-Player.

K-Player 2.0, the company’s training-specific product for players, ensures a player practices the right movements for the right amount of time, regardless of whether they are with their instructor or alone. How it works: a coach sends a custom-tailored training program designed in K-Coach to the student’s K-Player, the player then downloads the program and begins practicing exactly what the coach designed. The seamless connection between coach and player extends the lesson tee, making it feel like an instructor is at every practice session.

To support the K-Coach release, the company has created a new educational path for coaches that builds on their innovative Reading Kinematic Sequence Charts programs. The new education includes a revamped Level One and Level Two certification program. Collaborators on the program include Dr. Rob Neal, Liam Mucklow, Jason Meisch and Joe Dichiara. Additionally, the platform is expanding its coaching resources to include resources that will enable a coach to become an authorized K-Motion Swing Fitter, a designation beyond certified.

“Our mission is to empower all coaches and players with the knowledge and tools they need to play better golf,” says Tony Morgan, Head of Golf at K-Motion. “With the ‘Train to Your Best Swing’ workflow, every instructor can use our K-Coach ecosystem. With our extensive education library, anyone can master biomechanics and biofeedback training used by top instructors. We truly have a solution for every golf professional. Our new release really is a game changer.”

For more information: k-vest.com, 603.472.3519.

About K-Motion
K-MOTION is the industry leader in wireless, human motion learning for sports, fitness and medical (physical therapy) applications. K-MOTION’s cloud-based products provide the complete learning solution to enhance the measurement, understanding, coaching and training of athletes. Medical grade inertial sensors capture data that best-in-class software evaluates to enable deeper understanding of athletes and diagnose inefficient movement by revealing what the eye can’t see. This understanding is then applied through patented real-time audio and visual cues to coach and train athletes. K-MOTION athletes connect perception and reality to master perfect motion in seconds. According to Golf Digest, seven of the top-10 golf instructors in America use K-MOTION products for better training. In addition, Major League Baseball and National Hockey League teams apply the company’s solutions. Titleist Performance Institute and other world-renowned fitness and movement coaches and physical therapists are brand ambassadors. The company has offices in Scottsdale, Arizona, Nashua, New Hampshire and San Francisco, California.

Chris Walling