July 1, 2019

Junior Golfers Say the Darnedest Things

What kids say about why they play golf

By: Brendon Elliott, PGA

KIDS HAVE NO FILTER. If you’re a parent, then you know that to be true. Children, for the most part, are straight shooters that call it like they see it.

As a golf instructor and operator of the Little Linksters Golf Academy, I’ve had the honor of listening in as many young people have learned the game, and over the years I’ve heard myriad responses. That got me thinking, what if set out to ask several of my students, both past and present, a simple question: “Why Golf?”

Bretton (12) – “I love golf because of the challenge of it – each shot and course and day is different. And I love the friends I have met through golf.”

Ayden (9) – “I love golf because I get to travel to new courses and also the friends I have made.”

Jaxon (7) – “I love golf because it’s fun, especially putting. I love doing my favorite thing on really cool courses with other kids who love it too.”

Kenzie (5) – “I like to hit golf balls and listen to coach Jordan. I have fun with the coaches.”

Brad (13) – “It’s fun and it’s satisfying when the ball lands in the hole like BAM!” Emma (16) – “It’s challenging and aggravating all at the same time.”

Kathryn (11) – “It’s a fun way to meet new people and make friends on the golf course. And it’s a sport that always challenges you – even the best golfers are challenged.”

Bradley (12) – “Being able to compete and play new golf courses!”

Abby (6) – “I love meeting new friends, trying my best, and winning trophies!”

Teagan (9) – “It is fun to play with others and because it is hard, and I like to be challenged.”

Aaron (13) – “Every hole is a new challenge and every shot is different.”

The kids that shared their thoughts with me range in age from 4 to 17. Their experience ranges from newbies to Division I-bound collegiate. The following is a great glimpse into what kids truly think about the game. It’s my hope, that as adults and golf instructors, we can learn something from theses un-jaded and youthful perspectives.

Jonah (17) – “Love just playing and trying to beat the course compared to other sports where you play against others directly.”

Kendall (12) – “I love the history and science behind golf.”

Koen (4) – “I love golf because I like to chip it in the hole.”

Ryker (8) – “I love learning how to play the game. Also, I love thinking that I can hit a great shot and the feeling I get when I do hit that great shot.”

Who do you like playing golf with the most?

Jaxon (7) – “Mom and dad.”

Kendall (12) – “I enjoy playing with my golf team; because they are very encouraging and fun to be around.”

Brynn (10) – “I like to play with friends and family when they are here visiting.”

What is your best tip or advice for someone who is struggling with the game?

Kendall (12) – “My advice would be, golf is one of the most difficult sports to perfect and practice, and hard work is the only way to improve your game.”

Brynn (10) – “Don’t give up! Keep trying even if you have disappointments.”

Jaxon (7) – “Having fun is the only thing that matters.”