August 19, 2013

Jonathan Margolies: Offer An All-You-Can-Drink Promotion While Regripping Clubs

Jonathan_MargoliesJonathan Margolies is the PGA head professional at Westview Golf Center in Patterson, N.Y.

Jonathan Margolies on the importance of offering an all-you-can-drink promotion while regripping clubs:
A couple of years ago, I started a promotion where customers could drink as much as they wanted to for free while I regripped their clubs for them. The promotion instantly became popular and created a spark for the golf shop during slower times; I could put up a sign at the front counter and convince people to regrip all of their clubs so they could have more time to drink. Although we used alcohol as an incentive, because that enticed our customer base, you can run this promotion with all-you-can-eat chicken wings or even offering free range balls if you are only regripping a part of a set. This offer has been particularly successful during the early stages of football season or when business is relatively slow and I have time to spend on regripping. We take pride in the quality of all of our club repair, and this also becomes a type of contest to see how fast we can properly regrip a set of clubs. Everyone has a ton of fun with it!

Jonathan Margolies on the business impact of offering an all-you-can-drink promotion while regripping clubs:
It costs around $100 to regrip an entire set of clubs and usually takes well under an hour for me to complete. If they go through a few beers (at $6 or $7 per drink), that is still a very positive business outcome for us. Beyond the monetary reward, the promotion adds energy to our facility and creates a fun atmosphere where people want to come to us for regripping now. Its easy to get your clubs regripped at a big box store, but golfers love coming to us for a few quick beers.