November 18, 2022

John Mascari: Build Your Reputation via Creative Mediums

John Mascari is the PGA Head Golf Professional at Alpine Country Club, in Demarest, New Jersey.

John Mascari on the importance of building your reputation via creative mediums:
As PGA professionals, we understand that it is more important than ever to get out of the golf shop and engage our members and customers in new and innovative ways. As ambassadors of the game, we should ensure that we are seen and heard, and remain at the forefront of golf as often as possible. Some of us write about the game, while others speak about it, sharing our knowledge through seminars and clinics. One of the many ways that I’ve found effective and quite enjoyable is to host a Saturday morning golf radio show on ESPN radio in New York City. Recording on Fridays, we discuss all aspects of the game, including equipment, instruction, and local events, as well as the professional tours across the globe. We host some great guests from various facets of the world of golf and welcome feedback from our listeners. From our PGA training and continued education to our vast network of 29,000 colleagues to the PGA logo itself, through the PGA of America we have valuable tools that help us grow our businesses. With the extensive competition from our friends in the business, it behooves all of us to present ourselves as professionals in ways that help us stand out of the crowd. I feel the radio show is one great way of achieving this goal. It becomes a valuable talking point with our members at Alpine Country Club and further displays my knowledge of golf, as well as the business of the game.

John Mascari on the business impact of building your reputation via creative mediums:
With the recognition that has come at Alpine through my involvement with the radio show there is never a shortage of topics to discuss with members. In the spring they want to know all about the latest equipment, and these conversations often lead to new club sales and custom club fittings. And from these fittings and the conversation we have every day, game improvement is discussed and lessons are booked, increasing my instruction revenue throughout the year. Hosting the radio show is also wonderful advertising for our club as our location in Demarest, New Jersey is but fifteen minutes from the George Washington Bridge, leading to Manhattan. As new professionals attain PGA membership it is vital to be proactive, getting out of the golf shop and promoting ourselves and our businesses. Figure out what works for you and run with it. It will render a variety of benefits for you and your facility.

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