June 5, 2015

John Huban: Gain a 20/20 Perspective on Demo Days

john-hubanJohn Huban is the PGA head professional at The Golf Club of Georgia in Alpharetta, Georgia.

John Huban on the importance of gaining a 20/20 perspective on demo days:
At my previous facility, the Capital City Club, we felt we needed to revamp the way we ran our sales programs on demo days to help maximize profit. To do that, we introduced what we called the “20/20 Perspective” program. The concept was very simple: a $20 coupon for Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls along with a 20 percent rebate certificate off any purchase for use on a future apparel purchase. By utilizing the “20/20 Perspective” and offering a 20 percent rebate certificate, you do two things: increase the amount of profit for the day while moving more merchandise at the same time!

John Huban on the business impact of gaining a 20/20 perspective on demo days:
Compared to ordinary discount programs (such as 20 percent off a particular item), the combination of the coupon and rebate certificate proved more successful for us. The previous system brought in an average of $20,000 in hard good sales on demo days. This new program, even in a trial format during the smaller fall demo day, brought in over $15,000 in demo day sales, with $3,000 given in rebate certificates. We immediately put it into use full-time, and saw our demo day transactions grow and grow over the next three years. The largest demo day we recorded was $38,000 in demo day sales in a six-hour time span. This included $6,000 in Titleist Pro V1 golf ball sales, which did not factor into the $6,400 in rebate certificates that were issued, to put towards future apparel purchases. So try the 20/20 Perspective. You may just end up with more profit than you’ve ever seen before.

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