March 27, 2023

John Dipollina: Run a Range Promotion to Engage Customers

John Dipollina is the PGA Director of Golf at the Golf Center at Lyman Orchards, in Middlefield, Connecticut.

John Dipollina on the importance of running a range promotion to engage customers:

There are multiple range ball options we give our customers here at the Golf Center at Lyman Orchards, but the one that has worked the best is known as “25 for $99.” For $99 each customer receives an electronic swipe card that houses 25 small baskets. We thought $99 was a nice price point and when you do the math it’s a very good value. This idea has been executed for over ten years and the customers keep coming back for more. When the card runs out (and it runs out faster than people think) they simply come into the shop and we re-charge the card. That shop visit we have found, happens to be of great interest and success. It gives us yet another opportunity to showcase our facility and give exceptional customer service.

John Dipollina on the business impact of running a range promotion to engage customers:

Coaching is approximately fifty percent of our gross revenue so any chance to showcase our eight PGA/LPGA coaches I take seriously. I set up our instruction/clinic area to where you have to walk past our PGA/LPGA team prior to getting to the range ball dispenser. Most people who come to Lyman Orchards Golf Center are here for two reasons: first, we have a grass practice tee and many of the public practice facilities that surround Middlefield, CT do not offer that amenity. Secondly, the students simply want to improve and do so by partaking in instruction from our award-winning programming from PGA, LPGA, PGA Jr. League, GRAA and U.S. Kids Golf. In 2022, we sold 291 “25 for $99” plans (including resales). I also want the staff invested in this as well. I’ve made it a challenge to our counter team – the main area we market “25 for $99” – that when someone asks for a small/medium/large bucket to immediately mention “25 for $99.” I reward my counter team with a small commission on each sale. In the end, we’re selling a product to the customer that will strongly encourage them to return to the facility more often for a minimal commitment, leading to positive interactions. That is something we’re very proud of here at Lyman Orchards.

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