October 14, 2013

John Deere Introduces Grass Catcher System

John Deere is excited to introduce a new grass-catching option for industry professionals. The new direct-mounted grass catcher allows for better contouring and retention of clippings, and is designed to allow for easy attachment and removal. Compatible with all John Deere 2500 riding greens mowers and the 180 and 220 E-Cut Hybrid Walk greens mowers, the new catcher provides superintendents with the quality after-cut appearance they demand.


The direct-mounting grass catcher is designed to retain clippings by slowing the air volume and routing it out of the catcher while keeping the clippings in. Molded-in grooves and mounting brackets make it easy to remove and replace the catcher. Made of lightweight polyethylene material, the catcher is designed to resist corrosion and cracking, and reduce vibration. Overlap marks are molded into the top of the catcher for increased productivity and straightly mowed passes.

The direct mounting design grass-catcher system is fixed to the QA5 cutting unit, which allows it to follow contours exactly as the reel does. Not only does this maximize the volume of grass thrown into the catcher, it also creates improved performance on undulating terrain.

“We are constantly speaking with superintendents and their crews to gain a better understanding of their best practices and methods,” explained Tracy Lanier, product marketing manager, John Deere Golf. “We have learned many professionals have unique preferences and needs based on their course, which is why the new direct mount grass catcher and current weight transfer catcher systems are key offerings when it comes to accommodating needs of our customers.”

Since the new grass catcher is easy to attach and remove, there is no effect on productivity rate for professionals who prefer to empty the catcher more frequently than not. This is essential as the catcher is mounted directly to the cutting unit, which means weight will be added to the reel unit as the catcher fills. For those maintenance professionals who prefer to empty the catcher less often, John Deere also offers the weight transfer system, which is also easy to use and will not effect productivity.

The new direct mounted grass catcher system is now available; contact your local dealer for more information. Also visit John Deere Golf’s most recent issue of The Approach to learn more about the grass catcher and other industry news.

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