December 21, 2018

Joel Weitz: Focus on Basics and New Opportunities at the PGA Merchandise Show

Joel Weitz is the Wisconsin PGA Section President and owner and president of Vitense Golfland in Madison, Wisconsin.

Joel Weitz on the importance of focusing on basics and new opportunities at the PGA Merchandise Show:
Addressing the basics of a golf range operation is always a good starting point to ensure I am carrying cost effective and good quality products. I may visit booths of companies that offer equipment such as: range mats, range simulated turf, bag stands, wooden/rubber tees, club washers and signs. I then look at more significant items that may improve the overall efficiency such as: range ball picking units, ball washers and utility vehicles. Although it’s not necessary to purchase these kinds of products every year, it’s a great way to prioritize the plan for the next expenditure. It’s important to constantly upgrade from simple things to more sophisticated offerings such as the ball tracking and gaming system of Toptracer Range. The attention to continual have attractive and unique tools allows us to have the biggest impression on members and guests. In the past few years, we have continually upgraded our golf range with an enhanced focus on the entertainment aspect of the game. While we continue to offer diverse golf academy programs with our PGA Professional staff, we looked at how to upgrade the golf range to entertain all levels of players. Great wait-staff, high quality food and beverage items from our grill and bar, accurate targets and adding the new technology of Toptracer Range has expanded our population for new guests. Visiting companies like Toptracer Range at the PGA Merchandise Show creates a fantastic opportunity for you to enjoy hands-on experience and talk with other golf range owners.

Joel Weitz on the business impact of focusing on basics and new opportunities at the PGA Merchandise Show:
Since we’ve been renovating the basics at our range and adding more advanced entertainment aspects, we’ve recognized revenue increases of over 25 percent. We’ve been adding value to the golf range for years now in various forms, but it starts with addressing the golf range necessities. The PGA Merchandise Show is a great tool to address the basics for golf range improvement, while exploring those tools that can retain golfers and attract many new guests.