February 12, 2024

Jess Frank: Use Social Media to Expand Your Geographic Teaching Base

Jess Frank is a PGA Teaching Professional at Deer Creek Golf Club in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and the owner of Jess Frank Golf Academy.

Jess Frank on the importance of using social media to expand your geographic teaching base:

Building a teaching foundation has suddenly become easier thanks to platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and more. So, why not use these platforms to your benefit? I have found that not only am I able to find new players via social media, but I am also able to use it as a tool for my current and future golfers. Therefore, when I complete a session with one of my athletes, not only are they provided with a video analysis with my commentary; but, I can also point them towards one of my previous videos that I uploaded. This goes the same way for some of my new golfers. For example, some of them come in for a session having already viewed my series of videos on fixing a slice and have immediate questions/feedback. Individuals in any field feel most confident when they have a visual understanding of the necessary steps to reach their goals. This gives us an immediate framework to build upon.

Jess Frank on the business impact of using social media to expand your geographic teaching base:

Since beginning my YouTube channel, I have released nearly 400 videos and garnered just under 25,000 subscribers. I have also been able to collaborate and film videos with other coaches on YouTube. Through YouTube and Instagram, I have individuals come in from out of state and even out of the country for a coaching session. When these out of area golfers view my content, they see results without even having met me for a session in person. My weekly uploads gain the viewers’ trust. They know that they will have a weekly new concept to dive into. Fifteen percent of my session revenue comes from players who have previously seen me on both of these platforms. These new players usually come to me with questions on expanding upon a previous concept that they saw on one of my videos. I am then able to personalize the concept and tailor it to their golf swing. By using social media and then ideally via in-person coaching, I am able to use social media to get greater awareness. Plus, I am now able to address more golfers with different strengths and weaknesses. This is exactly what I want to see and do as a coach.

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