December 13, 2013

Jenni Martin: Use Video and Exercises to Improve a Student’s Game

jenni-martinJenni Martin, MS DC, an LPGA Professional who has been in the medical, fitness and health profession for more than 30 years, is the owner of the G2 Golf Center and the club professional at Swallow’s Nest Country Club in Sacramento, Calif.

Jenni Martin on the importance of using video and exercises to improve a student’s game:
I offer a three-hour Golf Gapper golf swing analysis to students from all over California and other surrounding states. The session starts with a discussion, during which I gather data on their history, golf and fitness problem areas, and what they want to improve. Then we use a high-speed camera to film their swing, balance plates to evaluate their swing weight transfer and ground forces, K-Vest 3D analysis to check their kinematic sequencing during their swing, and a full TPI golf fitness exam to compare expected and true range of motion in their golf joints and muscles. Afterward, we sit down to have the “Bob Show,” or “Sally Show,” when we look at what they’re doing, the problem physical areas and how the two correlate. Most importantly, we discuss what, if anything, can help their golf game improve, pain-free and permanently. It’s one thing for people to keep telling you you’re over-swinging on the back swing, but if you can see it for yourself on video, and feel correct versus incorrect, all of a sudden you have a reason to change. It’s a really relaxed environment, and the three hours fly by. If there are three or four things they need to work on, I take the biggest one and go for that. If you give them too much, they won’t do it. After the session, some people come back and take lessons with me, while others follow up at their home course with their PGA Professional or personal trainer.

Jenni Martin on the business impact of using video and exercises to improve a student’s game:
I can do two evaluations a day. Clients go home with a DVD of their swings and exercises; an iPhone video of them doing the drills, exercise or stretches; a private YouTube upload of their swing; and a balance plate weight transfer evaluation. Their folder is complete, interesting and can be used for later comparisons or follow-up with their own professional. Almost everyone older than 40 has some physical issue, and almost everyone says, “I want to be more consistent and hit the ball farther.” Having a full evaluation for your golf club clients is like offering the full professional team approach. The golfer now has golf, fitness, physical medicine and injury information all created in one location and with a common goal. The addition of such a program offered increased revenue for the club in follow-up lessons and membership retention, as well as establishing their facility as concerned, current, cutting edge and a top-notch teaching facility willing to expand with technology and professionalism that keeps golfers well and improves their game.

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