November 6, 2015

Jeff Moy: Let Golfers Demo Clubs at Will

jeff-moyJeff Moy is the PGA head professional at The Traditions Golf Club at Stonehouse in Toano, Virginia.

Jeff Moy on the importance of letting golfers demo clubs at will:
One practice I recommend, especially for private clubs, is to bring out your demo clubs and fitting carts onto the range for golfers to test out at will. This was particularly successful when I worked at a previous club where the range was close to the golf shop. In the 3-4 years I was at that facility, we benefitted greatly from an increase in members being interested in purchasing clubs. This is similar to the car sales model. We wanted as many people as possible to try clubs out without immediate pressure to buy. At the end of the day, this helped us to sell clubs and fittings while sparking more interest in custom clubs and lessons. If a golfer sees a bunch of clubs up on the range with some time to spare, we found that he or she is very likely to pick up a demo and give it a try.

Jeff Moy on the business impact of letting golfers demo clubs at will:
Doing this helped to increase our facility’s club sales by about 15-20 percent. With members being more willing to try out different clubs, and with no pressure for them to feel like they have to buy something right away, the range sales and club sales increased steadily over several years. Lesson revenue also increased. If you have a trusting membership, I absolutely recommend trying this out to give a jolt of energy to your club sales and range activity.

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