June 27, 2012

Jeff Huseman: Create Tiered Range Packages

Jeff Huseman is the general manager at Bear Creek Golf Complex in Chandler, Ariz., a 2011 Golf Range Magazine Top 100 Range Facility in America.

Jeff Huseman on the importance of creating tiered range packages:
We previously offered range memberships that gave the customer unlimited use of our range at Bear Creek. However, we found that there were some customers who would allow their friends and family to use their range pass, which took away opportunities for us to gain revenue. In the last year we’ve established a new system of range packages that are still effective for our customers but allow us to be successful as well. We removed the unlimited package option, but customers now have the option to choose one of three packages: a 540-ball pass for $55, a 1,080-ball pass for $99, or a 2,160-ball pass for $165. The more balls they buy upfront, the more the customer will save, and they also get a discount off our standard over-the-counter rate for range buckets. It’s been a convenient system for us to transition to as well. We simply put it into our POS system and attach the quantity purchased. Every time that customer comes to our range, we take their name and deduct the balls from their remaining amount. The number of balls in each package is based on the number of balls in a small bucket, so it’s also easy to calculate.

Jeff Huseman on the business impact of creating tiered range packages:
Our business was getting slaughtered by those who misused the unlimited passes. Due in large part to the three tiered packages we instituted, our range revenue is up 18 percent from last year. The two lower-priced packages have been our most popular, but we’ve been selling a fair amount of the $165 pass to those who know they will be spending more than enough time at our range to make it a good deal for them.