April 25, 2012

Jeff Dayton: Offer Complimentary Clubfitting to Boost Sales

Jeff Dayton is the PGA general manager at Stonebridge Golf Club of New Orleans in Gretna, La.

Jeff Dayton on the importance of offering complimentary clubfitting to boost sales:
Most golf shops have been struggling to maintain an acceptable level of hard goods sales over the past decade. When sales are made, margins are often compromised as green grass professionals attempt to compete against the mega-stores and online retailers. At Stonebridge Golf Club, we have found a way to not only hold our own in the hard goods category, but actually excel and service repeat customers. First and foremost, our professional staff offers complimentary clubfitting for any club purchase. We stock a wide variety of demos and allow the golfer to take them on the course as well as to the driving range. Whenever possible, one of our professionals accompanies the customer to the range for a brief consultation. This gets us familiar with their needs and wants and allows us to take notice of their current set makeup. If the club they’re interested in doesn’t seem like the correct fit, we then offer a more intensive club fitting which incorporates a launch monitor, lie board and face tape.

Jeff Dayton on the business impact of offering complimentary clubfitting to boost sales:
Many of our competitors charge for a clubfitting, but we feel that our knowledge and sales skills will ultimately lead to more club sales than not, so we choose to offer this service for free. Our goal is to try and do a complete set makeup analysis so that we are able to up-sell and add sales. We find that 90 percent of clubfittings turn into special order sales, with five percent buying stock equipment. On average, we generate $700 per iron set order and $350 on a driver order. About 50 percent of the sales results in follow-up sales for fairway woods and/or hybrids. In 2011, these procedures resulted in more than $17,000 in iron sales, more than $24,000 in wood sales, and more than $13,000 in wedges, putters, and junior clubs. When the clubs arrive or are purchased, we follow up with a complimentary lesson to insure satisfaction and solidify the bond between the golf professional and the golfer. Our customers understand that we truly care about their golf game and their overall enjoyment of the game, not just making a sale.