August 10, 2017

Jack Thomsen: Simplify The Transition From Range To Course

Jack Thomsen, a PGA life member and author of “Golf: Find Center – Enter the Circle”, is the founder of Jack Thomsen Golf Enterprises and owner and PGA Head Professional at Transcendental Golf in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

Jack Thomsen on the importance of simplifying the transition from range to course
Why spend 100% of your time practicing flat lies when 85% of your round is played from an uneven lie? I have a sign at our practice facility with this exact statement. In order to make the transition from the range to the course as seamless as possible, we have variable-lie hitting mats stationed throughout our entire range. This allows golfers to practice from uneven lies they will experience on the course. Additionally, part of the practice facility was transformed into a short course to make the practice experience similar to what they find on the course. Combining elevated landing zones and variable lie hitting bays at our facility, allows players to practice in realistic situation that they will experience on the course. For example, at our facility golfers are able to practice and understand the impact that a side hill lie to an uphill green has on ball flight and distance control.

Jack Thomsen on the business impact of simplifying the transition from range to course
The business impact relies on the direct improvement that the practitioner perceives to have achieved. If I am able to increase participation and develop long-lasting relationships with individuals, this will create return customers, increase lesson booking and increase my revenue stream. By having this rather unique facility set up I am able to offer a practice environment that can lead to more confidence on the course. This makes the experience for the golfer more fun, and that is very important to me and certainly helps the bottom line of our facility.

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