March 23, 2016

Jack Thomsen: Create a Course Within Your Range

Jack-ThomsenJack Thomsen is the PGA owner and operator of Transcendental Golf in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Jack Thomsen on the importance of creating a course within your range:
Transcendental Golf‘s development began in 1975.  Once a corn field, the property has now become a 15-acre golf facility that embodies two Variable Lie Angles courses that function to educate practitioners of golf ‘s missing factor: 85 percent variable lie angle, both short course and long course.  Practice ranges are 100 percent flat, but uneven lies are 85 percent of a golf course’s action.  We all know golf is a street fight.  It’s diversified. The natural challenge becomes easier by understanding Variable Lie Angles before and during one’s golf experience. Playing our wedge course in under 55 minutes is a fast pace for a fast-paced world. A color-coded flag system enhances play. Three holes yellow, three red, three white. Three or two participants of each team of three or two will play a color choice for the day. By practicing Variable Lie Angles one is training golfers to execute on any golf course’s diversity. Thereby, pace of play is one’s reward.

Jack Thomsen on the business impact of creating a course within your range:
This program is offered at various session dates weekly, three times per week.  Whether Short or Long course, under 55 minutes is an issue. Only one wedge, no putter, play three balls each (27 shots) two persons, third ball is tiebreaker, closest to flag, in competition. I charge each participant $10 ($30 for a three-session program) and we cap the program at nine participants (three-person teams) per session, drawing $270 per program. Long course is nine holes, full set. At the end of competition, we award the nine-hole champion with a brand new wedge of choice. Look to create Variable Lie Angles hitting areas at your range, as ultimately you are educating golfers, which in turn will create a better pace of play efficiency.  Also, 18 circular golf mats frame long course competition: all clubs, variable and flat lie, in the fairway and closest to flag for the three-shot competition.  Variable lie angle is rewarded with Jim Hackenberg’s Orange Peel and JTGE’s “Crooked Lies.”

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