October 7, 2013

International Clubmakers Guild to Present at the 2014 PGA Show


The International Clubmakers Guild (ICG), in cooperation with Reed Expositions, is pleased to announce that the ICG Connection Center will again be present in the Golf Equipment section of the main exhibit floor.

The Connection Center affords vendors and attendees a unique opportunity to network face-to-face with others dedicated to the clubmaking profession.

Golf Equipment vendors will have the opportunity to showcase their golf club assembly, repair, and club fitting products, and present technical seminars. ICG members will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with vendors and each other.

Any golf equipment company interested in reaching out to attract new customers but cannot afford the cost of a full size exhibit booth, should contact ICG Connection Center committee chairman, Bob Dodds @ mailto:Bob Dodds for more information.

The ICG is very excited to have again been afforded this opportunity by Reed Expositions, and we encourage all ICG members to make plans to attend the 2014 PGA Show.