May 15, 2013

Honma Introduces The TW717-430 Driver

-Press Release, Sakata, Japan

Honma® introduces the TW717-430, a 430cc full pear shaped driver with improved face insert, rear hosel weight and lower CG location that deliver the best combination of speed, distance and control. The 4-piece head is derived of several materials, a pure titanium hosel, 3AL-2.5V titanium crown, and G4 titanium sole/body and 6-4 Titanium forged face. The forged face provides more distance and control by partially modifying the thickness of the face; the rebound area has been enlarged to mitigate the loss in carry on a mishit. Lofts available are 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5. Face angle is 2 degree open and is preferred by better players.

Key features are as follows:
• High back form and smaller head profile launches the ball on a more penetrating trajectory due to added volume across the thickness of the head.
• Control and maneuverability is emphasized with an optimal center of gravity.

Standard production shaft is the Honma ARMRQ8-54 and VIZARD TA65. Optional shafts include: ARMRQ8-62, VIZARD TA65, TA75, TZ65 and TZ75 by special order. All shafts come in a variety of flexes. The ARMRQ8 is an advanced circular design of the ARMRQ6 shaft. Response to directional torsion is improved and a 45° carbon layer was added. Torsional rigidity was improved significantly and better direction control. The VIZARD shaft was comprised of input from tour pros. The 2 types of shafts have different characteristics of kick point, variation of weight and flex. These in turn, create the different launch and spin characteristics of the two shafts.

HONMA’s eternal pursuit is to create the perfect club. No compromises. No derivatives. We represent our strength in product development, innovation, and passion to create the best golf club. We do not follow only tradition to create one of a kind clubs, but our dream is state of the art integration with innovation. To bring the best performance out of every club, we must use innovation to its fullest for better distance, direction, and precision. This only occurs when the craftsman’s art and sensibilities are developed in a product, in turn creates a connection with what the golfer wants. Our vision of advancement in club performance is always how we deliver the golfer’s dream and passion for the game.

Please contact Premier Golf Distributors, Inc. if you would like more information on these products:
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