April 4, 2019

Heidi Richardson: Market Yourself

Heidi Richardson, the 2016 PGA Southern California Section Youth Player Development Award Recipient and 2018 Section Player Development Award Recipient, is a PGA Teaching Professional at the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course, in Encinitas, California.

Heidi Richardson on the importance of marketing yourself:
When starting a business, success is often derived from confidence and hard work. Making sure one avoids getting overwhelmed and remains positive is a vital mindset to maintain. As golf instructors, we understand that and can be motivated by the great competition in our industry, which is a result of the many super-talented and expert fellow PGA Professionals. Having taught our wonderful game for over two decades, my business has grown exponentially, rendering me more confident than ever that I have something to offer students of the game. With that in mind, I have been increasingly active in the San Diego area and within the Southern California PGA (SCPGA) section. In fact, I have already published four best practice articles with PGA Magazine, one of them on the benefits of publishing articles. This time it’s about an overall presence, name recognition, and never stopping until you have adequately met the goals you set for yourself way back when you started out, and those you set each year for continued growth. I was recently recruited to produce some swing tip videos for the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) website. Having provided written material for them in the past, I opened new doors for my future. In addition, I was also asked to participate in the SCPGA Youth Teaching & Coaching Summit in the spring of 2019. These invitations mean that I not only have something to offer my golf students, but can inform members of the SCGA and my fellow PGA Professionals in the SCPGA. My videos will focus on fitness, including balance, flexibility, strength, and the mental game, and my topic for discussion at the summit will cover building a brand and recruiting the right professionals to help you do so. The recognition and notoriety gained through these endeavors snowballs into respect in the industry and increased business every day.

Heidi Richardson on the business impact of marketing yourself:
Networking in most businesses is a catalyst to growth. Our field is no different; in fact relationships are more prevalent and vital in golf than most other walks of life. If you’re not being invited to submit videos, speak on a panel, or write articles, then do what I did years ago – get on the phone or email the right industry leaders and organizations offering your knowledge and expertise. That first call could get the snowball rolling. All the years later, my business is booming and I attribute that to the ventures I highlight here, the relationships that were forged from hours of networking, and my deep desire to be that go-to golf professional in my area. I plan to highlight one more topic at that teaching summit – the benefits of loving what you do. My passion for the game and my desire to introduce it to the masses has helped sustain my business through the years and now I am busier and better than ever.


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