June 2, 2016

HackersRx Launches Teaching & Training Aid

HackersRxTM launches incredibly simple, yet effective, teaching and training tool that promises to make any golfer a better golfer!

CARLSBAD, CA (June 1, 2016) HackersRxTM (www.HackersRx.com), a highly engineered yet simple and effective golf teaching and training tool that helps golfers of all ability levels play better, is pleased to announce that first shipments of this exciting new product will begin immediately. The company reported that the high level of interest expressed in the pre-production model shown at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida had resulted in significant pre-orders. The official launch of the HackersRxTM product will satisfy backorders and increasing demand from golfers and teaching professionals alike.

HackersRxTM is portable, extremely durable, and can be used to enhance any practice session, in any location, indoors or out. Its ingenious design allows it to be used alone or with the help of an instructor.

“I’m a former collegiate golfer and have been a student of the game all my life,” said Dr. Dick Miller, inventor and President of HackersRxTM. “I’ve tried a lot of different training aids over the years and have recognized limitations of many that were used. Most devices aren’t intuitive and do not give the golfer the necessary feedback for a quality practice session. HackersRx changes all that. It truly is The Prescription for Proper Practice.”

The HackersRxTM patented design and construction consists of three (3) adjustable telescoping rods and two (2) plastic golf balls that can be unfolded into a ‘T’ configuration to create a practice ‘station’. The rods and balls provide constant reference points before and during the swing. This helps beginners learn the core fundamentals of proper aim, stance and ball position. More accomplished players can use the device to reinforce and practice the swing nuances required for better shot making.

“I first saw the HackersRxTM product when it was in prototype form back in 2015,” said Billy Kratzert, four-time winner on the PGA Tour and TV golf commentator and analyst. “Immediately, I saw that it was a better mousetrap. There is no other teaching aid or training device on the market that makes the user take dead aim at their target and gives the golfer the confidence that their ball position is correct. Every golfer will want one in their bag to use on the practice range.”

“I was shocked at how quickly my students were able to grasp the swing concepts I was teaching with the help of HackersRx,” said Bill Harmon, PGA Tour Professional and Instructor. “The genius is in the simplicity of the design. Golfers can maintain concentration and work on repeating their swings with the visual cues that the HackersRx provides. This leads to smarter, more strategic practice and, in turn, better golf.”

For more information about HackersRxTM please visit www.HackersRx.com.

About HackersRxTM

HackersRxTM was designed and developed by Dr. Dick Miller, a serious golfer and retired periodontist. He had tried many teaching devices, including standard alignment rods, but was unable to find a product that correctly coached him on stance, aim and ball position simultaneously. He tried multiple designs before finalizing the current HackersRxTM product; a design that was enthusiastically embraced by numerous PGA and LPGA Tour players whom Dr. Miller was able to collaborate with at his home as a founder member of TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Lightweight and durable, the HackersRxTM weighs approximately 150 grams (about the same as a sleeve of golf balls). It is currently sold exclusively through the company’s website (www.HackersRx.com) for $44.95, but plans call for HackersRxTM to be made available in traditional golf retail channels later this year. HackersRxTM is maintenance free, requires no power, and can easily be transported and stored in a golf bag.

HackersRxTM is a limited liability corporation (LLC), with a number of investors and golf industry professionals helping to commercialize the product. The HackersRxTM management team is located in various locations across the United States including Florida, North Carolina, California, and Canada.

For more information visit www.HackersRx.com. For press and other media inquiries, please contact Media@HackersRx.com; for logos and photos visit www.HackersRx.com/media.