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July 1, 2013

Greg Baresel: Build Your Own Props for Fun Games

Greg-BareselGreg Baresel is a PGA golf instructor at Cantigny Golf in Wheaton, Ill.

Greg Baresel on the importance of building your own props for fun games:
At the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show I attended an event hosted by Golf Channel’s Big Break contestant James Lepp. During the event, there were a lot of great contests, the most popular of which was the glass break competition. I saw how much fun everyone was having with it and thought it would be fun to institute a similar contest during our junior clinics. In order keep things inexpensive and safe, I built my own “window” out of PVC pipe. I then attached a paper shooting target purchased from a sporting goods store. I was able to build the entire target setup for approximately $10.

Greg Baresel on the business impact of building your own props for fun games:
The juniors love to hit at the target as well as some other games we’ve set up. In fact, I’m fairly confident that it is their favorite part of the clinics. Whenever we get to the range, the first thing they do is look around to see what props we are using that day. For a cost of only $10, the target has certainly paid off, as we use it constantly for our junior clinics, which are full-day sessions (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) held five days per week. Using props such as these, as well as instituting fun contests, have helped me gain and retain students for not only my clinics but private lessons as well.