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January 3, 2017

Greens Wizard to Launch Putting Aid at PGA Merchandise Show

The Greens Wizard is a new putting aid that was created to provide instant, visual feedback to help train players to use their feet to feel the breaks and slopes of the green. With practice players will learn to trust their feet to help choose the correct line.

While the concept is simple, the Greens Wizard has undergone two years of development to ensure maximum accuracy and it is now market ready. It is a durable product built using polycarbonate, which also allows users to clearly view the feedback. The Greens Wizard contains a clear dampening fluid that highlights the leveling ball inside and, more importantly, promotes optimum accuracy.

The Greens Wizard was created for professionals, amateurs and even
caddies. Whether a professional is looking to dial in their green reading ability, an amateur feels clueless on the greens, or a caddie is mapping greens for their next tournament – the Greens Wizard is perfect for all play levels.

Long time caddy for Phil Mickelson, Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay wrote an article in 2009 for Golf Digest sharing his 10 Rules For Reading Golf Greens.’ #2 on Mr. Mackays list is trusting your feet:

“To get a perfect read… I stand over the ball as though I’m going to hit it. I get a great sense of the break not only with my eyes, but with my feet. When I look down at the ball, I can tell immediately whether it’s a fraction of an inch higher or lower than my feet. Then I factor that in along with what I see from the other perspectives. Don’t sell your sensory awareness short: Amazing as it might seem, almost everyone will get information from the stand-at-address perspective that you can’t gather from reading the green with your eyes.”

The Greens Wizard was created with simplicity in mind – it’s essentially a level on your foot. You don’t need to be a tech genius to use it and it doesn’t require batteries, a smart phone or a WiFi signal – just gravity! After a few simple installation steps players are able to practice.

With an eagerly awaited launch at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show, the Greens Wizard will be located in the Inventors Spotlight section. It is currently selling directly online at greenswizard.com and seeking distribution to bring this amazing new putting aid to the world.

Feel your line, every time!

Jeff Eichenberger
Iken Golf Inc. 705.606.1477 info@greenswizard.com