May 5, 2014

GOLFSTR+ Helping to Attract Business

-Press Release, Oakville, Ontario

Hitting a bucket of balls costs a lot less than a round of golf but is this money well spent?   Augusta Golf Instruction at Rolling Hills Driving Range, just down the road from the Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters, has a better idea. Why not offer a comprehensive training center to help golfers of all levels learn and then practice with the right techniques.

B.J. Hathaway is the lead instructor at Augusta Golf Instruction. He has built up this business over the past 10 years by offering a range of golf training solutions for his students both on the range and from the comfort of their home. B.J. has published three golf instruction books on Amazon for the general golfing community and weekly blogs and YouTube videos to inspire his students to keep focusing on their game. Of course hands on instruction with the latest techniques, mental training and training aids are part of his offering to keep his students coming back for more training and to improve their Muscle Memory.

Recently B. J. discovered GOLFSTR+. He found that this simple golf swing training aid is so adaptable that he not only uses it for it 6 promoted uses but he also developed another use to help his students eliminate slices and hit longer drives. Anyone who has been watching Bubba Watson’s game will know that longer drives in the fairway results in more Greens in Regulation and more birdies.

This device just straps on your arm or wrist for 6 swing fixes: straight arm in the backswing for more power; flat leading wrist putting, chipping and in the backswing for consistent, straight hits and wrist lag training both on the leading wrist for the full swing and on the training wrist to bow it back for chipping.

B.J. also found that the curved end of the GOLFSTR+ fits the contour of the trailing wrist when you bend your trailing wrist back. Dustin Johnson does an exaggerated version of this wrist action. The benefit of the limited bowing of your wrist is that it allows you to square the club face with the swing plane at the top of the swing to eliminate slicing.

“I use GOLFSTR+ only as a guide or a Brain Trainer to help the student learn the correct hand or arm position while hitting some balls to feel the right position during the swing. Of course seeing the result is where the student really benefits the most,” BJ commented. “Innovation in the use of this training aid is like turning the light bulb on for my students. Learning by example is helpful but when student learn by feeling and seeing the result of a successful swing, it really gets the message across.”

Students love to use GOLFSTR+ as a reminder to keep their leading arm straight in the backswing. They can wear it for 18 holes as a “Brain Trainer”. It’s also handy to carry in your pocket or golf bag for a quick practice before a round of golf. It’s not for use in a competitive match as it gives you an unfair advantage. BJ figures, “If it helps fill up the driving range then why not use it”.


BJ Hathaway is using a GOLFSTR+ training aid to teach this student to limit his wrist bend during the takeaway to create a square club face at impact and avoid slicing the ball.


GOLFSTR+ fits the contour of the wrist to train for limited wrist bend when chipping to avoid fat shots and during the full swing to avoid slicing. These are just 2 of the 7 uses for this brain trainer. Golf Instructors use it to reinforce training by feel to help the student build confidence and muscle memory.

More general information about GOLFSTR+   (pronounced GOLF-STIR and it stands for GOLF-STRaight)


100 members of The Golf Partners Club (part of a 400,000 member organization called NAMG Inc.) tested GOLFSTR+ in the summary of 2013. 77% of the testers recommended the purchased to improve your game. GOLFSTR+ can be purchased on-line at with a money back guaranty.


GOLFSTR+ Octopus with 6 fixes for 6 Golf Swing Problems with 1 Training Aid. Just count ‘em.


This version of Octopus Man can be resized for any article for ease of placing the 6 Uses in the font that you prefer. 1. Wrist Lag Trainer; 2. Straight Arm Backswing; 3. Flat Wrist Backswing; 4. Limited Wrist Lag Chipping; 5. Flat Wrist Putting; 6. Flat Wrist Chipping


Bill Curry, President, Innovation Unlimited Inc.   (905)-464-8718  

BJ Hathaway, Augusta Golf Instruction,   (706) 836-4330