June 17, 2015

Golf Scrimmages Launches Website

Whether a teacher, coach of a team, or professional at a club it is your job to enhance the games of your students, players or members.  We have created a unique and ground-breaking interactive website to help incorporate fun and competitive practice games into your coaching – golfscrimmages.comWith proven performance-enhancing practice games, this website is a remarkable tool for coaches/teachers, golf teams, members of your club, high school and college coaches, amateurs, and juniors and you can receive a significant discount by choosing a Group Account.  Read below to see how you can easily generate additional revenue for yourself or your facility.

Start unlocking the games of your students, members and/or players NOW!  www.GolfScrimmages.com 

  • It’s fun … bringing an element of enjoyment to practice and bringing people out to your facility to practice more.
  • Practice that resembles GOLF is more productive …. every golfer has a tough time taking their game from the range to the course and this helps bridge that gap.
  • PGA professionals and Facilities can generate revenue from the site … allow your assistants to make extra income or show your worth as an employee by bringing Golf Scrimmages to your facility for great events.

For a Tour of the site please see the video below or visit our TOUR page

Read below for an example of how you can easily generate revenue and for Pricing please visit our SIGN-UP page

For a personal Tour of the site or if you have any questions upon registering, please call/email 720-234-4653   playbetter@golfscrimmages.com

A Brief TOUR of golfscrimmages.com

Easily Generate Revenue for You or Your Facility

As an example, if you purchase a Group Account for say 20 of your students or members, the yearly cost for that is only $25 per student or $500 total.  You can decide to (1) pay that fee yourself as an added benefit to being one of your students or members of your club, (2) break-even by charging each student or member the same $25, or (3) make some extra money by charging your students or members $40 which would put $300 in your pocket for them doing something that they’re going to love to do.  Our price for an Individual to join is $49 so your students/members will appreciate the discounted price that you give them.

And if you have a couple hundred members at your club, you or the facility can easily generate some really good income.  Simply send out an email to your membership with a link to our Tour Video and they’ll definitely want to sign-up.


“This website provides us with a variety of realistic competitive games performed under simulated playing conditions that make Transfer Practice very challenging, great fun and highly effective.”

— Dr. Bob Christina:  Professor Emeritus UNCG; Assistant Men’s Golf Coach (UNCG)

“Trent Wearner is the best in the business when it comes to coaching players to take it to the course.  Trent’s creative “golf scrimmages” provide golfers with the competitive games needed to ensure they are practicing with a purpose!”

— Dr. Rick Jensen: Sport Psychologist

“Golf Scrimmages has raised the bar for helping golfers train more effectively. Studies clearly have shown that using competitive games helps speed up skill acquisition. Stop the mindless ball beating and start accelerating your improvement on the golf course.”

— Lorin Anderson: Golf Instruction Industry Consultant, FL, USA