October 1, 2015

Golf Range News

K-State Salina, a branch of Kansas State University, is home to the university’s College of Technology and Aviation. Recently, they borrowed a concept from golf ranges to allow their students to fly and test unmanned aircrafts (UAVs) outdoors. FAA rules prohibit UAV flights within five miles of airports, however, a stipulation to the rule allows indoor UAV flights. Struck with the idea after a staff member told associate dean Kurt Barnhart about golf practice range nets, Barnhart hired Golf Range Netting of Tarpon Springs, Florida, to construct a netted-enclosure where students can fly unmanned aircrafts within the law (pictured). The area is 200 by 300 by 50 feet.

Red Joe, a company that produces a dehydration-preventing product, is teaming up with renowned instructor David Leadbetter in a venture to educate amateur and professionals golfers on the benefits of staying hydrated. The partnership will include hydration research that involves monitoring Leadbetter’s students during practice sessions, lessons and on-course play. “We are excited to team-up with David Leadbetter to explore how golfers can not only stay hydrated, but have more energy and potentially improve their game,” said Joe Firek, president of Red Joe.

Spending time on the practice range is the best way for your students to improve, but if they want to add distance to their game it often requires work in areas beyond the practice tee. PGA Tour rookie Tony Finau is one of the longest hitters on tour, finishing the year seventh in driving distance with an average of 309 yards.

While GolfTEC lessons and clubfittings take place mostly indoors, they still have an impact on the game. They’re enhancing their impact by supporting PGA REACH, the charitable foundation of the PGA of America. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, GolfTEC is providing complimentary 30- minutes lessons from October 9-11 to any individuals who make a donation to PGA REACH.