March 1, 2018

Golf Range News

The World No. 1 broke ground on the Dustin Johnson Golf PerformanceCenter at TPC Myrtle Beach.The state of the art facility will be home to the superstar’s namesake foundation and golf school, reinforcing Johnson’s commitment to giving back to the game. Construction on the 3,100-square foot building will be complete by Memorial Day. The new building will have three indoor hitting bays, three covered hitting areas, a fitness center, and room to provide instructional seminars. The Performance Center will also feature TrackMan , AimPoint and MySwing 3D Technology, allowing students to better understand their game.

“To bring this Performance Center to my hometown and be able to give golfers a competitive edge is exciting,” said Johnson, a 17-time PGA TOUR winner and major champion. “We haven’t held anything back in the design because we want to give the Golf School students and Foundation scholars the opportunity to learn the game, no matter what level they are when they start here. That’s important to me, and it’s also important that they get the very best when they’re learning.”

The TPC Network and PXG have announced a new gaming-improving partnership. The two entities revealed an alliance designed to help golfers propel their game to the next level with TPCs, as well as several other licensed properties, now serving as PXG fitting hubs. “We’re thrilled to partner with PXG and bring this exciting new offering to 12 properties,” said Bill Whaley, TPC Network senior regional director of operations. “As an extension of the PGA Tour, we’re always looking for ways to enhance rounds so they’re more enjoyable and memorable. The more we succeed, the more we’re helping ensure the future of the game of golf.”

Golfers participating in PXG’s tour level fitting experience will have access to a full matrix of fitting heads and more than 300 premium shaft options. Swings are closely analyzed by PXG’s elite team of Master Fitters, who use advanced technology, such as TrackMan, to provide insight into swing analytics.

The Mid-Atlantic PGA Section hosted the inaugural MAPGA Topgolf Team Challenge earlier this month. A total of 23 PGA Professional teams from across the Section came together to compete in a fun and dynamic atmosphere. Duos squared off in two games of stroke play played under TopGolf’s“TopContenderElite”game format, with the four highest scoring teams advancing to match play. Ryan Clarkin (Creighton Farms) and Bryan Zell(Westfields) achieved the highest score of the night and a No. 1 match play seed with an astounding 516 points.

However, in a stunning upset, Clarkin and Zell lost in the semi-finals to No. 4 seed Jonathan Schoenfeld (PGA Member) and Jimmy Steigelman (Fauquier Springs) on Schoenfeld’s final shot. The biggest congrats goes to Steve WenPetren and Kelly King of The SW Golf Academy for taking the night’s top crown.