July 8, 2015

Golf Datatech Launches SMART Reports for Mid-Tier Golf Companies

Golf Datatech, LLC, the industry’s leading independent market research company that tracks golf retail sales in the on and off-course channels, has launched a first-of-its kind “market analytics” service designed for small and mid-sized golf companies, retailers and sales organizations. The new SMART (Summary Market Trend) Reports are created to assist sales and marketing efforts of small to medium sized companies by providing expert insight, data and trend information.

Among the categories covered by SMART Reports include men’s apparel, women’s apparel, outerwear, footwear, bags, putters, gloves and wedges. The first series of reports offered by Golf Datatech, which are now available for purchase at golfdatatech.com/research-products/purchase-reports/smart-reports will highlight the fast growing men’s apparel, women’s apparel and outerwear. The SMART Reports for footwear, golf bags, putters, gloves and wedges will be available starting on July 15th.

“We call them SMART Reports because they will make companies smarter about their respective golf markets and their products,” said Golf Datatech’s Tom Stine. “These reports are designed specifically for companies that don’t have a large staff to perform substantial market analytics. We’ve done the analysis for them. All they have to do is read the report, as we analyze the overall market for each product category, and then follow the trends throughout the year.”

For the initial SMART Reports covering the expansive Men’s Apparel, Women’s Apparel and Outerwear categories, Golf Datatech breaks the category down into shirts, tops and bottoms. Analysis of the data is done by on-course vs. off-course specialty channels, while providing detailed data on units, dollars, and additional analysis on average selling prices, inventory, and seasonality.

“Today, there are more companies in apparel than any other product category in golf, and coincidentally the golf apparel market has been the fastest growing category over the past five years,” said Golf Datatech’s John Krzynowek. “Golf apparel is sold in virtually every golf shop, both on and off-course, and is available in more retail locations than any other category other than golf balls and gloves. Apparel is a staple sales category of the golf industry, yet its importance as a revenue generator is often overshadowed in the media by clubs and other equipment, which historically receives greater focus and press coverage.”

Stine added, “A bonus to subscribers of the SMART Reports will be monthly retail updates, whereby subscribers will receive emails highlighting the status of units and dollars sales in the respective product category, for both the current month and year-to-date.”

For more information and pricing about all of the SMART Reports, contact Golf Datatech at 888-944-4116 or via email at info@golfdatatech.com.

About Golf Datatech, LLC
Golf Datatech, LLC was established in 1995, and since that time it has become the industry’s golf standard for accurate and timely information on the retail sales, inventory, pricing, and distribution of golf products through the on and off course channels. In 1998, the Company extended its reach into consumer research and strategic sales and marketing consulting. In 2006, the Company expanded its retail and consumer research programs into the United Kingdom and in 2008 added markets in Europe. Golf Datatech now produces the first-ever electronically driven golf retail sales reports for the UK, Sweden and Germany.

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