February 2, 2015

Game-Inglove Recaps 2015 PGA Show

Game-inglove, the revolutionary golf training solution that literally puts the entire golf swing in the palm of your hand officially launched at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando on 21 January 2015.

This amazing new golf training aid was developed by avid golfer, Mark Berry and was introduced to the golfing community by Brand Ambassador, Mike Fay, PGA professional.  Mike is currently the Director of Player Performance at the Boyne Golf Academy in Boyne Falls, Michigan, is a Golf Channel Swing Fix Instructor, US Kids Top 50 Kids Teacher and host of  “Ask The Pro” on Twitter.

Game-inglove promises to single-handedly eliminate the mistakes that destroy 99% of amateur golf swings and produce a consistent, repeatable and powerful golf swing. Game-inglove achieves this by incorporating three unique and proprietary features into a high quality golf glove: The Laser Path Guide, the Realizer Clubface and the Shaft Palm Line.

Using these proprietary features in conjunction with the Laser Path Mat and the Mike Fay instructional DVD you can fix your golf grip, face angle, swing path and swing plane with just one easy to use golf training aid.

Game-inglove combines real-time visual feedback with kinesthetic learning, two elements that dramatically increase a golfer’s positional awareness throughout the swing, and ultimately their ability to effect immediate and lasting changes to the golf swing.

The Game-inglove has been tried, tested and demonstrated by teaching professionals and golf coaches across the USA and Canada and has proved extremely effective in producing dramatic golf swing improvements in extremely short periods of time. Testimonials are available at http://www.game-inglove.com/testimonials

Game-inglove was featured on the Golf Channel Morning drive http://www.golfchannel.com/media/2015-pga-show-clever-new-gadgets-help-your-game/ and is also featured on the PGA website http://www.pga.com/merchandise/multimedia/video/pga-expo-gadget-grab-bag

Check out the full details at www.game-inglove.com.